Nortech System SA, provides customers with various services, including:

Technical sales service:

Coo-design and prototyping for your wound product development after sales service:

  • technical assistance
  • spare parts
  • scheduled maintenance

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After sale technical assistance are one of our priority. Nortech System can always guarantee a quick technical assistance, with the communications or directly on customer site, anywhere you are in the world! Our goal is to solve the machine trouble as soon we can in your winding system.

The following after-sales services are available for our customers:

Technical assistance on line by phone, mail, fax.

Remote assistance trought Internet:

the most common software for PC remote connection, specifically authorized by the customer, we can monitor the winding systems connected and provide necessary actions or indications for proper use or trouble solving, transferring files or updated programs.

Fast availability of our technical staff for on-site inspections and interventions.

Prompt supply of spare parts, consumables, components, etc. Thanks to our design and guide line of use components purchased from leading suppliers, we can guarantee to the Customers the reliability of the supply and the availability of components all over the world.

Scheduled assistance. In case of request, we provides scheduled maintenance under terms of a specific contract. The periodically service on a schedule arranged with the customer, entails a set of inspections and maintenance interventions according to the needs of your winding

Technological Laboratory of winding, prototyping and coo design.

Nortech can provide to customers our engineering department experience and our winding laboratory, for development in coo design of your new wound products or brushless stator.

We can study your project, made technical drawings, as well as build real 3D plastic prototypes, which can be completed with:

  • Winding with copper or aluminum wire in different technologies: rotating spindle, linear distribution, with rotating arm (flyer), in-slot or needle winding.
  • Wires and terminals connection with all available technologies: tinning, electric welding, arc welding, laser welding, different IDC remove isolation faston.
  • We can also produce the prototypes of thermoplastic molds for molding your coil former and over-mold your coils or stators .

This service is very important especially in cases of new products for which Nortech takes care of the entire winding product industrialization, to ensure (when it will be required) a robust production automatic process for your electric coils or brushless stators, helping the responsibility of customer during development.

The cost of this service is always agreed with customer, depending on the prototyping level to be reach. For transparency, all phases of the service are written in the technical-sales proposal, thus enabling customer to issue an order with a clear fixed condition.